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Tour spotlight: Empress Canyon with High and Wild Adventures

Canyoning is like a natural progression for the adventurous hiker. Mixing hiking with swimming, jumping, abseiling and even natural waterslides, it allows nature lovers to see some of the most spectacular wild places, where a hiking trail could never (and should never) be built.


For most hikers, the specialist skills and equipment required are a huge barrier to getting into canyoning. They don’t need to worry, though, because there are plenty of affordable guided tours on offer. So far on AussieHikingTours.com, I’ve listed three canyoning tours (two in the Cradle Mountain region of Tasmania, and Empress Canyon in Sydney’s Blue Mountains), and there are plenty more on the way.


I’ve only ever been canyoning once myself, and that was back in early 2015 when I took on Empress Canyon with High and Wild Advnetures. I wrote a blog post over on Bushwalking Blog about my canyoning adventure. Here’s an excerpt…

We’re trudging along, ducking under and scrambling over flood debris, and carefully choosing which rocks to step on, when we come to a bend in the creek. The canyon is wider here, and the outside of the bend is lush with vegetation. Jason points to the inside of the bend where in thick white paint, above a tiny, pebbly beach, it says “Mr and Mrs J Heeby 1931”.

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With all that abseiling its not for the faint-hearted, but would I do it again? Hell yes. You certainly wouldn’t need to ask me twice.


If Empress Canyon sounds like its right up your alley, this tour is available from September to April.


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